Real American Truth

Real American Truth


Realistically we the American Government are

Everything we desire for ourselves.

At the expense of the poor we created. We

Laugh and spend our time in opulence.


Americans or the 99% are nothing to us. We

Manage everything we do for our benefit.

Even as we say we care, we know we do not care. Let them

Run to us for help. Let the 99% who have no say believe

In their Hearts and Minds that we the government are listening.

Could we the top 1%, the bankers, government

And the Federal Reserve care about the sheep called Americans.

No what Americans want means less than nothing to us.


The truth is we the top 1% has never cared.

Running back and forth, saying one thing then another.

Uttering lies, taking their wealth, stripping

Them of power to make positive change, doing our best to

Hurt them and give only to ourselves. Is the only


           Real American Truth


By:   Abraham Isaac Tov   2011


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