Our Occupy Wall Street Movement

Our Occupy Wall Street Movement



Our movement is for the benefit of us all. Never

Uttering the words give up. We all together as Americans

Return to the belief that America was founded on fairness.


Only if we stand together can we effect change.

Can we do it yes we can. Our goal is to help us all

Cannot be allowed to fail or America fails.

Ultimately when we win, we will be able to keep what we worked for.

Putting our faith in a government for and by the people.

You and I, we and they, us and them are all America has.


We will make our government listen and make it fair

And be a benefit to all. The 99% are not happy or

Laughing as we lose everything we believe in. We are now

Languishing in sorrow living in poverty on the street’s of despair.


Saying we want change is not enough. The

Time for standing together is now. Being

Real and truthful with ourselves and those who are listening.

Even the government that represents only the top 1%,

Eventually will hear our voices and our message of freedom and fairness for all.

Then when our voices are heard will real change take place.


Movements come and go, ours is here to stay and grow.

Others from the 1% may laugh, but we the 99% are

Very serious and will not let them destroy America.

Even now as we become homeless and broke, does not mean we as the

Many will give up or give in. America means freedom

Even as our government is trying to create a police state

Now as you read this. We the Americans will stay here

Till we win our fight and keep America fair and free. This is


                  “Our occupy Wall Street movement “




By: Abraham Isaac Tov 2011




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